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The Spiritual and Healing Properties of our Gardens and Plants

Author: Andy Cole
Front Cover
By: Andy Cole

Here is the Introduction of this amazing book, which has been taken from the book directly.

It is said that some 500,00 years ago a civilisation called the Lemurias lived in harmony with nature. These people, being so spiritually sensitive, did not need to ingest plant essences or remedies for healing; they only needed to be in the presence of the plant to receive its healing effects.

This form of healing is making sure use if the plant energies and the colours of the plants to obtain the healing required.

Every garden has to be practical for the family to use so this should be considered first; the area for the children to play, the area outside the doors, the patio in front of the French windows etc. All these things must be done first because these are for the practical part of the household. Once this has been completed, the balance of the garden can be checked and the alterations to the design can be made to re-balance the garden.

About the Author

Andy Cole grew up on a family dairy farm and has always had an interest in nature. The family farm had 30 acres of woodland which was full of wildlife and at the time, when buzzards were not as common as they are today, a breeding pair were living in the woodland. This sparked a special interest in the natural wild life and their surrounds.

His grandparents had been farmers and market gardeners although he didn't really get involved with gardening until his mid-30s. In his 20s several things happened that inspired him to start the journey along his spiritual pathway and opened his mind to spiritual energy and his feelings. This progressed and Andy developed his clairvoyance and also qualified as a spiritual and Reiki healer. From here the journey continued with his gardening and the feeling of plant energies.

During one point a physical scare raised questions about heart disease within the family history. It was found that this was prevalent on both sides of the family. Andy realised that he had always been drawn to roses and foxgloves and when stressed, he would go and sit in the front garden, which was full of these plants. Both plants are of and for the heart and although the scare was stress related and not a heart condition it generated a significant thought process of why he had always been drawn to those plants, it was obvious to him that it was because of the family history in heart disease.

If the energies from these plants had and were still helping him what other plants could and would help people with other conditions? The stress always seem to melt away when by those plants, the feelings and balance of the gardens he worked in became more noticeable and he also realised he always worked intuitively within the gardens he looked after.

Front Cover
Andy Cole

Front Cover

Front Cover

Front Cover

Front Cover
Front Cover
By: Andy Cole

This magnificent book is packed full of information, here is the contents so you can see what to expect. Fabulous!


  • About the Author
  • Introduction
  • The Spiritual Garden
  • Herbs for the Kitchen Garden
  • Spiritual Properties of Plants
  • Relaxation
  • Working with Angels
  • Protection & Grounding
  • Spiritual Development
  • Depression
  • Meditation
  • Bereavement
  • Fertility
  • Acknowledgements
  • Index


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  • 3-3
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  • 27-57
  • 59-193
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  • 200-201

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