The Flickering Cauldron History

Firstly, let's get acquainted. I am Willow, the most glamorous of the feline familiars here at Flickering HQ. It occurred to me it's high time I let you in on what's what and what's not round here, and thought I'd start with a bit of background on the two legged ones who foolishly think they are in charge! 

Where to start...

The Flickering Cauldron® is run by a small team, who are a mixture of (old) friends and family. They think of themselves as family, so let's humour them and say it's a small family run business.

Well, we have Lettie (the bossy one) who does all the creative arty farty stuff, (yawns!) with a fair bit of  writing thrown into the mix, along with making sure all your lovely orders are correct and safely packed and go out on time (I like the packing bit - lots of bubble-wrap around to jump into and boxes to hide in). 

Then there's Chris, the writer helper here, and yes, he's as strange as you would expect once you've read some of his stuff, as well as a sometimes grammar checker, (drives Lettie crazy) and he does the dreaded Facebook advertising (I hear words I don't understand, when he's scheduling ads).  

Strictly between us (the others must never know), our IT Wizard, Gary, is my favourite. He lets me lie on his desk, fusses over me and sneaks me treats when Lettie isn't looking. He created and maintains the website thingy and deals with all the boring techno stuff. 

And of course, there's our lovely Cornwellian witch Sharon.

Lettie and Chris wanted to create a space on Facebook where you could share thoughts and feel part of our community, but frankly didn't have the time. So they asked Sharon, who has been with us since the Wonky days, to step in. Clearly she agreed and I hear she's doing a great job on the Facebook Group thingy.

Last but certainly not least, the real brains behind the business are obviously the feline familiars.

Where would the two legged ones be without us we ask? I can't help being both stunningly beautiful and exceptionally intelligent. My brother, Obsidian, is well, not really that bright, but he is dashingly handsome and, as his name implies, is jet black from the tip of his whiskers to the tip of his tail. (and jolly good at catching bats).

So how did it all begin? I hear you ask. So I'll tell you more!

Well, it started with Lettie...

She'd always been a bit of a believer, long before the Cauldron was even thought of.

Her personal collection of books about witchcraft was quite extensive, and she had her own room dedicated to practising.

At this time she was a Travel Agent, a career she had worked in for many years. Chris was also in the same business -  It's where they first met many many moons ago! Before you ask for details, it was in Marrakesh.

Now then, you can read on but you are sworn to secrecy. Lettie must never find out that I read her diaries... from which it's clear she had become disillusioned with the travel industry. It was not the same as when she started and she wanted out. 

So out she went and left it all behind her.

She founded an online shop called The Wonky Cauldron. Great name but she was effectively working for another company selling their range of mystical and witchcraft items.

Realising the potential, Lettie decided to go for it and the wonderful IT wizard (Gary) created a website for her.

I've concluded that there really are times when stars align and minds become as one. Chris felt exactly the same as Lettie and after many years in the travel industry knew he needed to move away from it, and like Lettie had a fascination for and an extensive knowledge of witchcraft.

Quicker than a flick of my tail the deal was sealed!

Chris began to write a book on the magical uses of herbs. Products were added to the growing website and then totally out of the blue Lettie said 'stop'!

She wanted to create a moon diary like what had never been seen before. 

And so it came to pass!

The very first moon diary 2019 was created, they were delighted and all was good in the universe until, just before they went to print. They then got some legal stuff telling them the word 'Wonky' couldn't be used.

Panic, tears, and much stress followed until I told (advised) them to use 'The Bashful Cauldron' to simply get the diary out there.

Now, I'm not one to brag (even though I've been on the cover of Cat Vogue no less than four times) but that was a turning point. Three print runs and all sold out!

Later, I remember them (the two legged ones) going on for days about what permanent new name they should use. Obsidian and I could simply not believe it! They owned a large cauldron with the name 'Flickering' on the base. (We discovered it was originally owned by a chap called Flynn Flickering) and the two legged ones were pondering on what to rename the company! Talk about staring you in the face! 

After a little nudging from us they saw the obvious and 'The Flickering Cauldron' was born! 

Without any prompting from us, they went ahead and whilst it was a costly, and lengthy process, they trademarked The Flickering Cauldron®.  So we will never have any problems with the name, that baby is ours!

The success of the diary led me to suggest to them that moving forward, the way to go was in print. 

I could see that Lettie and Chris were able to create easy to read and sometimes amusing but always beautifully illustrated diaries.

Was I right? How could I not be? The Flickering Cauldron ® Moon Diary has become an annual  'must have'.  The Witches Companion is a 'must go to'.

Having a record of all things to be done and when and then the following outcome was clearly needed. A little nudging was required from moi and the beautiful witches Journal was created.

Whilst I'm wonderful at everything, from mice catcher to mentoring two legged ones, I'm gonna tell you a little secret - repeat it at your own peril!

I'm not that good at remembering birthdays! OK so now I've said it - tell anyone and I will find you!

So whilst my secret is safe with you, I suggested that a book with space to enter phone numbers, birthdays, anniversaries, website addresses, passwords and pin numbers and like everything else you have to remember would be good.  I recall that both Obi and I made a few suggestions, but we weren't prepared for just how fabulous Lettie could make the Book of Connections.

We commissioned an amazingly talented artist (Veronika) to create a totally unique witchy themed colouring book. and the 'Colouring Book of All Things Witchy' 

Whilst the familiars are obviously the main driving force here, we will give the two legged ones a little credit - they really do always listen to you, their loyal fan base.

You said you wanted Flickering own branded products, hence they have created a range of gorgeous magical candles, a collection of delicious artisan teas, and a range of heavenly scented smudge sticks.

You must have said you want other stuff because I noted the recent arrival of some new machines (loved the boxes, packed with tons of shredded paper). I'm not sure just what coasters are but these machines can make them and mugs and other stuff but clearly that's going to be when they have the time.

Obi tells me he heard talk of plans to expand the Flickering warehouse and workshop a while back. I did not take that much notice, but they only went ahead and done it.  They have opened up a little shop called The Flickering Cauldron & Kettle in the petite picturesque town of Bampton, in the beautiful Devonshire countryside. It sells every thing I do believe, including Mr Whippy® ice cream and delicious take away coffees and teas.

With your continued support and my advice, I know that Lettie and Chris will be able to expand the business in order to keep on creating the beautiful and informative printed products that you love, as well as the Flickering branded products you want and need.

Both Obsidian and I have noticed something very different about this lot. When they say that they have really enjoyed creating something and hope that you enjoy it as much as they did creating it they really do mean it.

Going forward, we clearly just have to continue to let the two legged ones believe they're in charge!